About Our Databases

PlaneLists.com not only specializes in aviation data, we strive to present the most relevant and current data available. Our continually updated system, powered by our proprietary software, updates the data daily and insures that we will provide you with the best and most accurate aviation mailing lists.  All pilot information is updated monthly on the 2nd of the month, and all aircraft records are updated every morning at 0200 est.

Online aircraft data

PlaneLists.com - Leading Edge Group, LLC Owners

U. S. Aircraft Owners

Although the FAA maintains and produces a full US Aircraft Owners database through its website; the presentation of the data, can be difficult to navigate. As our most popular product, we’ve taken extra steps to clean and organize the data. Not only can you select owners by manufacture, class, powerplant etc, we’ve also organized it from single engine aircraft to business jets. All easily searchable and downloaded through our server. We also use our proprietary software to add the lower case conversion, company names and correct salutation fields such as Mr., Dr., Capt And the like, providing you with the most professional presentation.
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PlaneLists.com(Leading Edge Group, LLC) - Historical Data

Aircraft Ownership

The FAA maintains a historical archives for all aircraft and ownership. Our software will also you to trace the providence of a specific aircraft and model from a single owner to a corporate entity, and also provide instant access to new owners; from aircraft specific; such as based on multi-engine, turbine; to exact model types by most aircraft manufacturers.

Additionally; you can search aircraft who's registration is expiring, or expired; while cross-referencing ownership and medical certificate status of the owner, providing a powerful marketing edge for aviation sales companies.

PlaneLists.com(Leading Edge Group, LLC) - Aviation Medical Examiners

Flight Physicals | Lawrence Medicine

For aviation medical examiners (AME); our database allows for easy pilot, and non-pilot aviation groups (such as air traffic controllers, mechanics and inspectors) selection with selectable ratings from Student to ATP, ratings and medical expiration date.

From hyper localized city, state, zip code and range queries, to geographical, and regional;  Find pilots and other airmen who's medical is expiring shortly, or is currently expired.

Our downloads are available in multiple formats for easy mailing, including Avery 5163 label format.  It's as easy as Click, Print and Mail!  We can also assist you in direct mail campaigns, and targeted mailers

All of our pilot data is updated daily to ensure that your data is the most current available.

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PlaneLists.com(Leading Edge Group, LLC) - Active Airment and Pilots

As our database is continually updated, we track and airman type and pilot certifications including: New Students, or new upgrades such as commercial, instrument, Multi-Engine, ATP and the like as well as any combination.
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PlaneLists.com(Leading Edge Group, LLC) - Marketing Genius

With our cross relational database; you can search pilots that own aircraft. From a marketing perspective; a good marketing campaign or prospectus is only as the data that is used to generate it. Our system can produce a list that is extremely valuable to target potential aviation products and customers.