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At PlaneLists.com not only will you find the most up-to-date
marketing aviation information in the industry, but it is also the most
accurate. We do more than list data; we power your marketing machine with our
current database that is updated regularly using proprietary software to ensure
properly maintained records. This provides access to the most precise details
for your marketing aviation needs anytime from anywhere in the world at a
moment’s notice.
If you are looking to buy an airplane, knowing about changes
in ownership right away is critical. The same thing goes with aircraft services
companies, and our pilot database changes let your company contact the right
people promptly, putting your marketing dollars to good use.
of each month, and aircraft records are compiled every morning at 2:00 a.m. EST
(GMT-5), giving you accuracy, you can trust, and quality you can rely on.

Online aircraft data

PlaneLists.com - Leading Edge Group, LLC Owners

U. S. Aircraft Owners

US Aircraft Owners

Our US Aircraft Owners database allows users to find the
exact aviation information they are without the complexity or difficulty of
searching through the FAA’s records. We have made our database simple and
intuitive to use so that you can search, sort, and locate the information you
need with little to no effort.
Using the PlaneLists.com’s database will give you access to
select aircraft owners by manufacture, class, powerplant, and more. You can
also choose to organize the data by single-engine aircraft or business jet. All
data is downloadable through our server and available with lowercase
conversion, company names, and correct salutations (Mr., Dr., Capt.), so you
can address your marketing materials properly.
We have produced our database for maximum effectiveness and
organization by taking the necessary steps to organize the data for the most
practical and functional approach to use. Our proprietary software drives this
efficiency so that you can take full advantage of the data for your marketing
Plus, you can try our US Aircraft Owners database for free
for one month – a $39.95 value – to see the value and benefit of having the
information right at your fingertips.

PlaneLists.com(Leading Edge Group, LLC) - Historical Data

Aircraft Ownership

Historical Data

Planelists.com also offers a historical database
that rivals the FAA archives. These records go beyond the agency’s aircraft and
ownership information as we also give instant access to new owners. You’ll be
able to trace a specific aircraft and its ownership history, including single
owners and corporate entities.

Look up multi-engine aircraft, turbine-power
planes, as well as specific aircraft models and manufacturers for the most
detailed database archive offered in the aviation market. Couple this with the
power to search whose registration is expiring or expired while
cross-referencing ownership and medical certificate status of the owner and
you’ll have a recipe for a cutting-edge tool that can be used to drive the
success of your business further.

You’ll want to dive in deep with this historical
database and use this information to your advantage as it provides valuable
records that can give your company an edge and allow you to increase your
customer base more efficiently.

PlaneLists.com(Leading Edge Group, LLC) - Aviation Medical Examiners

PlaneLists.com has kept aviation medical examiners in mind
by making our database easy to search for pilot and non-pilot aviation groups
(air traffic controllers, mechanics, and inspectors). Here, AMEs can choose
selectable data sets that range from student to ATP, ratings, and medical
expiration date to determine who to contact for their next required medical
Data can also be centralized by city, state, zip code, and
geographical and regional ranges. This is the perfect opportunity to find pilots
and other airmen who have medical certificates that are expiring or are expired
and are in need of updating.
In addition, all of our AME database information is
downloadable in multiple formats, making it easier to create mailing lists
using standard labels [Avery 5163].
Contact us to create your direct mail campaigns for you. We
can develop a custom postcard mailer or personalized query to target pilots and
airmen requiring medical examinations, giving your business a boost with the
most current aviation data available in the industry. Flight Physicals | Lawrence Medicine

PlaneLists.com(Leading Edge Group, LLC) - Active Airment and Pilots

Active Airmen and Pilots

Active airmen and pilots will also find PlaneLists.com a
useful tool as they look for employment. Our database provides access to owners
of aircraft you’re certified to fly as well as potential students as a flight
instructor. Even new owners can gain from the database functionality by
locating prospective pilots to fly their aircraft.
We can help anyone who is looking for a
particular type of aviation professional. Our up-to-date database gives you
accurate information to find pilots before your competitors. Some changes
happen quickly, such as new students entering the aviation field, or pilots
receiving new ratings, such as commercial licenses, instrument or multi-engine
certifications, or their ATP. Looking for a combination of pilot ratings? Our
filters allow for that too.

As an added bonus, users can trial our database for free for
one month – a $39.95 value – and take advantage of the benefits it offers
without commitment.

PlaneLists.com(Leading Edge Group, LLC) - Marketing Genius

Marketing Genius

Sometimes, marketing genius requires more than
one datapoint in each mailing list. After all, each type of aviation
professional has their own unique needs. A combination of aviation
certifications, however, can produce specialized opportunities for a marketing
professional. For instance, a pilot who also owns an aircraft will need plane
maintenance services as well as keeping his license up to date. Living close to
their plane might also be a consideration, offering opportunities for
specialized real estate deals.

With PlaneLists.com proprietary database, you can
search for any combination of relationships with aircraft. This allows you to
develop a fine-tuned mailing list that is most relevant to your products or
services. Targeted mailing lists allow for a higher return on your investment,
making you a true marketing genius with our product.

If you are not taking advantage of our free
trial, then why not start one today? It’s a $39.95 value – yours for free for
one month.