List and Label Services Custom Aviation Mailing List Services

Do you need aviation research done or a list of sales leads? can provide you detailed aviation lists that can be used for a variety of marketing campaigns. Let us know your need or requirement, and our team of specialists will develop the perfect mailing list or research report for you. How does our team provide these services? Our first step is to simply search our aviation databases to find the best information or leads for you. With this information located, our team will narrow down or sort our findings based on your special needs. Categories can include pricing, location, availability, and more, and throughout this process, we will keep you updated to ensure satisfaction. Once the overall mailing list has been compiled, we’ll work with you to finalize it. No duplicate entries are ever provided, saving you time and money on your mailing costs. Once our team has finalized your mailing list, it’s time to put it into the format you’ll use to prepare your marketing strategy. Options include ready-made mailing labels, computer reports, emailed files, and even spreadsheets. This will make it easy for your team to send out your direct mail campaign. As an alternative, we can work with third parties such as print shops or marketing agencies to ensure seamless delivery. Why are we so careful about our services? Simply put, we want you to get the best return on investment by reducing the cost of sending out duplicate or irrelevant mailings. This money can be used towards more services or other marketing efforts. Plus, your conversion rate will be higher when you use the highest quality leads possible. Finally, keep in mind that our team and its services are available to you for the long term. We don’t believe in getting the most money out of you and never working with you again. Rather, long-term customer relationships are our goal as we are committed to expanding the level of service we provide all of our clients.

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Aviation Research Services

No matter what kind of aviation-related research you need, is your ultimate partner. With a highly trained staff of researchers and our proprietary database, we stand ready to become an essential part of your aviation sales team. The public access FAA aviation databases are a great start and have lots of information, but they are hard to navigate. We think you can do better. Our Amazon-based web server lets you cross-reference more than one database at a time quickly.

Our services are suitable for many types of aviation professionals. For instance, an aviation insurance underwriter can look for hidden risk factors in our data. Sellers of aircraft and aviation supplies can find people who need or want the kinds of products they sell. Even an aviation medical examiner can grow their practice by finding pilots and other professionals who need a new medical exam. Whoever you are looking for, you can feel confident that our database provides the most accurate and advanced aviation data available.

Want some examples of searches you can run? Our clients have successfully asked questions like these: “Who purchased a Beechcraft Bonanza in the Southeast in the last 30 days?” “How many new student pilots were registered in Pennsylvania last month?” “Who has purchased a turbine-powered aircraft in the last 24 hours?” These questions, and many more, have been fully answered by our software accurately and without issue.

Keep in mind, what we do is unique. The FAA has over 15 databases on their website which are publicly accessible. Our website offers links to only the most popular ones, but our software keeps track of much more. For instance, we maintain proprietary versions of these databases:

·         Air Operators for Compensation or Hire

·         Aircraft Reference Tables

·         Certificated Training Centers

·         Designees

·         EIS counts

·         Flight and Ground Training Schools

Joint Aircraft System/Component
·         Mechanic Schools

·         Pilot Schools and Repair Stations

·         Records of Accidents and Incidents

Reference Tables — Air Agency, Air Operators,
& Designee
·         Repair Stations

·         Service Difficulty Reporting (SDR)

·         Service Difficulty Reporting (SDR) History

·         Utilization Reports

Our software takes it a step further with our own aircraft and pilot databases. When combined, marketers can obtain highly-specific information on who may be interested in their products and services.

Ready to check us out? Call or email us with your mailing list or research requirements. We’ll show you the full extent of our databases’ abilities and create the perfect mailing list. Our databases put the power in your palm – it’s more than just data.

List & Label Ordering Options

Media Selection Printed Choices Include:

• Mailing Labels
• Listings/Reports
• Postcards
• Email
We are also able to format Electronic Media formats.
List Selection Select from a wide variety of databases, including New Pilots, New Student Pilots, Aircraft Owners, New CFIs, and New Instrument Rated Pilots and the last hours of aircraft registration
List Processing We are able to provide an array of processing capabilities to help customize your mailing list, including bad address removal and duplicate address removal, which can lower your mailing costs by over substantially..
Geographical Selection We are able to narrow down your mailing list to a 5-Digit zip code, 3-Digit SCF zip codes, cities, counties, regions, and states.
Updates and Follow-Up Updating saves you money and provides you with fresh prospects either monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.

Aircraft Owner options include:

• Address corrections
• New owners of selected models
• Former owners of selected models
Pilot Name options include:

• New pilots in your area
• New private pilots
• New commercial pilots
• New student pilots
• New instrument rated pilots
• New ATPs
• New CFIs
• New multi-engine pilots
• Address corrections


Custom Order Pricing List

Computer Setup Charge
• First List $35.00
• Each Additional List $10.00
Price Per Name
• Listing Only $0.03
• Mail Labels with Listing $0.03
• Email $0.02
Monthly Update Service (Up to 1000 Names)
• Per Month $35.00
• Prepaid 3-Month $75.00
• Additional Lists (call for qualifications) $15.00/Mo. $30.00/Qtr.****-